Scenario Planning Training

Mei 12, 2024

I would like to share my experience of attending a Scenario Planning training, which took place in February. The training was organized by PPSDM KEBTKE and UK Mentari ( hats off to Pak Bagus Mudiantoro & Mas Aloysius Damar Pranadi) and facilitated by a renowned expert in scenario planning, Garry Felgate.

During the training, I learned that scenario planning is an effective method to explore the future by examining potential scenarios rather than making predictions. This approach focuses on understanding possible futures, rather than just what is likely to happen. It involves evaluating our current situation and potential future by considering historical and current trends, as well as new factors that could drive future change.

We also discussed the differences between scenario planning, vision, and forecasting. Vision outlines a desired future, while forecasting focuses on what is likely to happen. Scenario planning, however, illustrates potential futures by considering risks and uncertainties.

Additionally, we covered five key dimensions of scenario planning: socio-cultural, technology, environment, politics, and economics. Through scenario planning simulations, I gained firsthand experience of how this method can be used to navigate future challenges in Indonesia's electricity sector.

Despite the training having taken place earlier in the year, I am grateful to have attended it and believe the knowledge I gained will be invaluable in addressing future uncertainties. I look forward to further developing and implementing the knowledge I acquired.


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