Smart Cities Green Buildings Programme by SCP

Oktober 01, 2022

"For us, being a smart nation is not about flaunting glitzy technology, but it is about applying technology to solve a real-world problems that will make a difference to people's lives and across the whole of society" - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

That quote from Singapore's prime minister is one of take away I got from the Smart Cities Green Building Programme that I attended several weeks ago. This program is conducted by BCA Academy as part of The Singapore-United States Smart Cities Green Buildings Innovation Programme by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore and the US Department of State.

The participants of this course are ASEAN urban planners, architects, policymakers, and engineers. While the speaker is prominent policymakers from Singapore (Smart City Projects Office, Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, Urban Redevelopment Authority, and many more plus Green Building experts from the US.

From this program, I learned about Singapore Green Plan 2030, internationally recognized Green Building certifications and rating tools, and developing collective resilience towards climate change, including the use of nature-based.

Thank you, BCA Academy, for the great and fruitful training.

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