Race to the first

Februari 27, 2024

On January 17, 2024, Pertamina NRE took a significant step forward, breaking ground on their Hydrogen Refueling Station in Daan Mogot.  This groundbreaking event, featuring a Joint Development Agreement with Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia, symbolizes a united effort towards hydrogen-based transportation ecosystems.

The Daan Mogot Gas Station aims to be Indonesia's first integrated energy refueling hub, offering gasoline, gas, and hydrogen. The innovative High-Speed Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS) concept promises commercial-scale hydrogen refills in under five minutes.The presence of key officials from Pertamina Persero underscores the strategic importance of this initiative.

But the momentum doesn't stop there. The next day, Mr. Darmawan Prasodjo, CEO of PT PLN Persero, shared a sneak peek into the construction progress of Indonesia's First Hydrogen Refueling Station in Senayan, Jakarta. He said please stay tuned for the inauguration.

These groundbreaking developments highlight the commitment of Indonesia's state-owned energy enterprises (BUMN) to lead the charge towards a zero-emission future.

The "race" to establish the first Hydrogen Refueling Station not only signifies a leap but positions Indonesia as a global pioneer in clean energy solutions. 

As we witness this "competition" unfold, it's clear that the true winners are the future generations of Indonesia, inheriting a cleaner, more sustainable energy landscape.

Let's stay tuned for the inauguration and celebrate these strides towards a greener tomorrow!

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