World Hydropower Congress 2023

Desember 06, 2023

The first picture (taken by Kementerian Sekretariat Negara RI) shows Minister Arifin Tasrif explaining Indonesia's hydropower potency to President Joko Widodo and the President of the International Hydropower Association (IHA) , Mr. Malcolm Turnbull (the 29th Prime Minister of Australia), at the opening ceremony of the World Hydropower Congress 2023 which held at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center on 31 October 2023. There is a lot of story behind this picture that will be a valuable lesson for my future endeavors.

My contribution as a committee member at WHC 2023 might be modest, but I am humble and proud to have helped ensure the smooth running of WHC 2023. I followed from the first letter from the CEO of IHA to ESDM and unknowingly felt the emotion when WHC 2023 officially concluded.

This congress produced the Bali Statement, demonstrating the commitment of hydropower stakeholders worldwide and highlighting 10 ways hydropower enables sustainable growth.

Hats off to all my colleagues who consistently give their 110%, mainly Tim kerjasama Mbak Ira Herdiani, Deasy Kurniawati, Yosi Dwi Tantri Ani, mbak Isti.

Hydropower for sustainable growth.

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