The Review : Honeymoon Package at Noor Hotel Bandung

Mei 14, 2018
Actually, we visited The Noor Hotel during our honeymoon leave in February 2018, this post intended as our appreciation to The Noor Hotel for incredible services at that time. Hope it will be useful for you guys.

It is fully my (ridho) idea, I want to introduce Dhila with my first perantauan. Bandung. One time,  I see Babe Zaki's family instagram while they're visited Bandung and stayed at Noor Hotel. Noor Hotel is known as the great Islamic boutique hotel in Bandung.


In early January 2018, I contacted Noor Hotel by email which informed on their website to ask if they have honeymoon package or not. I expect they will reply my email in three days, gratefully, they're replied my email within the same day. Such a great attitude.

In those email, their explained the package's detail including the price. They also suggested me to contact their representatives via Whatsapp to get detail information immediately. After some chit-chat and paid the downpayment, I just need to come to the hotel at the check-in date. Simple.

The package's information can be found as well on their website.


Noor Hotel located in the middle of Bandung. It is very close to Riau Street, Gedung Sate, Siliwangi Stadium, and Bandung Indah Plaza, The iconic mall of Bandung. Here the google map explanation for detail.

We arrived at the hotel around 1600 o'clock after 6 hours of Depok - Bandung route. In the front office, the officer welcomed us with Zam Zam water as welcome drink while we proceed to check in. Oh ya, All hotel's staff always greeting us with salam. All the time. After completing the payment, we arrive at the room with this scenery. 

most beautiful scenery, for me

Additional Amenity, Alquran + Sajadah + Mukena

And a lot complimentary. flower, couple cups, a bunch of snacks,  a honeymoon cake, a plate of Date and some Arabian snack.

You don't need to worry about the bathroom, it is clean and instagramble also, unfortunately, we didn't take any picture of that.

After Maghrib prayer, we invited to the restaurant for "couple romantic dinner" which included in the package. The dinner is kind of "full round dinner", 2 appetizers, 1 main course, and 1 dessert. Besides the romantic decoration and scenery, the food also tested great for us. Despite the soup little bit salty for us, it was a wonderful dinner and experiences.
The Table 

1st Appetizer

Main Course

Unfortunately, we forgot all those food's name and miss the 2nd appetizer's photo, The Salty Green Soup. 


The breakfast served in the same restaurant where our dinner held. I forget the start time, either 6.00 or 6.30 am. The food looks great and a lot variation. From Traditional like chicken porridge and nasi kuning, to western like a bunch of fruits, and bread. My Favorite one is the danish pastry.
Taken by Dhila

As a Moslem friendly hotel, Noor Hotel's praying room also very comfortable and luxury. The Car Parking area looks not too big, in our opinion which only used public transportation, but we did not hear any complaint from other guests about this matter.

The television in each room also provides a various islamic channel that makes us feel close to Ka'ba.

As a conclusion, we gave 5 stars in Google Review for Noor Hotel and recommend you guys choose Noor Hotel if you want to honeymoon or another holiday in Bandung. We would like to say thank you very much for all staff and people in Noor Hotel, Saluut.

If you have a plan to go to Bandung in recent time and want to feel the comforts in Noor Hotel or buy Train Ticket, I suggest you to booking in because there are a lot of promotion and discount. 

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