MSMA : Skouw Border Post & 15 minutes in PNG

Desember 14, 2018
Inspired by notorious adventure series in Indonesia television,
This is....
My SPPD....
My Adventure....

In this first episode will about my journey to the eastmost area of our archipelago and fifteen minutes visit to our neighbor, Papua New Guinea (PNG). Thanks to my beloved office for the SPPD. I visited Skouw Border Post and land a few steps on PNG land at 2nd September this year after utilize my free time after a business trip to Oksibil. 

Skouw Border Post is located in Jayapura Regency, it’s about 80 km from Sentani Airport or almost 2 hours of travel with mpv cars.  It just inaugurated by President Joko Widodo in May 2017 to replace the old one which very spooky for some reasons. Since that time Skouw Border Post be an iconic Instagramable spot for many millennials.

After landing from Oksibil, I  used a rental car to go there. The road is very good and smooth, I guess it since the rebranding new skouw border post. Two kilometers before arrive, we will pass Army Post, they will ask our purpose to go there. We replied, just for poto-poto. Before arriving at Skow Border Post, we will pass a on-constructed new Skouw market designed in futuristic style.

Skouw Border Post’s new building very glamour, in my opinion, it is very modern but did not loss traditional aspect. it looks like a shopping Mall. We enter the office building and took a picture around. 

Skouw Border Miniature

After some take-a-picture section, we followed a group of local people who want to past the border.

heading to Gate

In the border, we questioned by The Guard. After some chit-chat, we got permission to enter some area where we can pass to PNG area without a passport and they asked us to go back to Indonesia side before 3.00 PM. Again, time to take-a-photo session in that area. There we can see the gate of Indonesia and gate of PNG, and an Indonesia pride, Indomie.

Then we go to a building where people can pass to the neighbour, we follow people without interrogated by an officer. Aaaan Voila. We just arrived in our neighbour land. Papua New Guinea. It was my first-time smell overseas air in 2018.

After passing through that building, we saw the PNG Bus Terminal. Many public vehicles are parked there, especially Toyota Hiace. People gather there waiting for their bus schedule or buying various souvenirs. We walked around and took some photo in the terminal for about 15 minutes then returned to our land. This country is like Hawaii which is portrayed in the Aloha movie.

In Skouw border post, we can see a lot of PNG's people bought they need from Indonesia's land like food, toiletries, and others equipment, something that we can't see in Indonesia - Malaysia borders. Maklumm..☺☺☺

I hope Skouw Border Post, not just Rancak di Labuah but give a lot opportunity to our Papuan brother and be a pride to the nation.


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